Solitary Light


Solitary Light

There is a light

a gentle light.

Sometimes it’s just a flicker

blown by harsh winds,

cold nights,

lonely moments,

it struggles to stay lit.

Sometimes it shines brightly

its glow


Others come,

drawn by its tender luster,

basking in its luminosity,


their own flames slowly rekindled

by its warmth,

which in turn

makes the gentle flame dance brightly

with joy,

quietly radiant.


once warmed,

they vanish

like a puff of smoke.

And the bright flame flickers

in sorrow

in confusion

in loss.

The light is dimmed.

Now just a tiny red ember.


it refuses to go out

to die.

Like hope

it remains

A tiny spark


for someone

or something

to fan the ember

breathe life into it again

and start a fire.

[My NaBloPoMo post for 11/12/2014, even though I missed midnight by a few minutes!]

Photo credit: pratanti / Foter / CC BY