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Hi!  I’m Wendy.  Welcome, my friend!

Since you’re on my “about me” page, obviously you want to know a little bit, well, about me.  I can give you all my labels/roles, such as wife, mom, friend, sister, INFJ, Medical Language Specialist for 22 years, midlife woman, adult orphan, aspiring writer, treasure hunter, etc., but those really won’t tell you who I am.

Who I am is someone I am still discovering, as most of us are. Who I am is a lover of people and a lover of words, and I try to mesh those two things in positive ways.  I am a person who believes wholeheartedly in kindness and compassion and that we always have the option to choose to be kind.  I am someone whose brain never stops and who is always thinking.  I believe a sense of humor is absolutely imperative to surviving what life throws at us.  I have been told I am extraordinarily high in empathy.  What I know is that I feel  everything, deeply and passionately.

As my tagline states, mine is a heart that cares about people, sometimes too much.  I’ve learned that this is not something I can change about myself, nor do I desire to, even though sometimes it hurts.

Who I am is still unfolding, and I expect that to be true until my last breath.  I hope you will allow me the privilege of getting to know who you are and we can take this adventurous journey down the oft bumpy, never dull, and always full of beauty (if you have eyes to see it) road of life – together.

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  1. Your about page is great. Thank you for sharing your interests with people, I support you to keep it up. Caring is an important thing, and it requires a lot of responsibility, because you feel what needs to be taken care of. I’m glad you care so much.

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