Surrounded by Beauty

Lake Michigan

There is so much beauty in this world. Out your window, in the person next to you or the one you pass on the street, sometimes in the cracks in the sidewalk or the most unexpected places. Sometimes in some of the sounds we tune out. Pause for a minute and look for it. Listen. Seek it out. Find the beauty in your days, large and small. Take a moment. Breathe it in. It helps restore your spirit. It lets your soul breathe. Sometimes it’s subtle and you have to really look for it, but if you seek it, you will find it. You’re surrounded by beauty in so many forms. Don’t miss it!

Snow Day

I fear this time …


it’s here to stay.


And more on the way. Oy.

(Guess I should’ve brought that umbrella in sooner. Oops. I was not expecting a snow day yesterday already in mid November. Tomorrow is a possibility too. This does not bode well. But I’m so grateful I’m not in the state of New York right now!!!)

Much Too Soon

wpid-20141031_124228.jpgThis was the scene here Friday. You can see the white stuff, but you can’t hear or feel the howling wind. It was a pretty nasty day outside, so much so that marching band was canceled for the playoff football game that night. This was the 4th time marching band had been canceled this fall due to inclement weather. It’s been a disappointing season for my son’s senior year.

I don’t know anyone who is ready for snow in October, do you? Personally, I’m not ready in November. I’m not even ready in December until about 12/23 or 12/24. I’d be a happy camper if we had a white Christmas, it stayed maybe a week for the kids to play, maybe 2, and then it was gone.

Instead, what we tend to have here is 2 seasons – winter, and the rest of the year. Winter seems to last nearly 6 months some years when snow starts in October and sometimes goes into April. It makes for some very long, dark, and dreary months.

I have plenty of hobbies to keep my mind and hands occupied through those long months indoors, but I do not look forward to the long stretches of freezing cold and feeling like I may never be warm again or the too often downright dangerous road conditions. I have become one of those people who wants to move to a warmer clime – 5 years ago! I have no idea if or when I’ll get there, but I oft dream of a little cottage by the beach where I can squish my toes in the warm sand and let the water soothe my soul.

It’s where you’ll find me, at least in spirit, whenever I’m caught daydreaming with a soft smile on my face, and especially when the temperatures dip into the single or negative numbers.