NaBloPoMo Challenge Completed!

It’s been a long 30 days of daily posts. I think the challenge was good for me and I enjoyed it. I will admit that this past week I have had to “phone it in” with some quick posts because there was so much going on here over the holiday week.

I am glad that I decided to make the commitment to do it. It brought a lot of new people/blogs into my sphere, and now I am hoping to find time to start visiting more of them than I have had the chance to thus far. We’ll see – it’s not like December is a slow month!

Trying to post every single day really stretched me, but it also reminded me that I am capable of rising to a challenge. When I have committed to various challenges that are 30 days or 90 days, I have been very faithful to keeping those commitments, and I have done far better than if I just have a vague “I should really try to do that more” general thought about something.

I’m thinking I need to commit to one or two things every month in that manner, be it a health commitment, mailing an encouraging note daily, practicing something I’m learning, etc. After taking on a few different challenges in 2014, I have learned that challenging myself to commit to something for a specific time period results in my being far more likely to accomplish it.

Now the question is which challenge should I take on next that won’t add too much to the craziness that is December.

Thank you all who have followed and commented during NaBloPoMo. I have appreciated every interaction, and I hope to get to know people here and maybe even strike up a friendship or two.


3 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo Challenge Completed!

  1. Congratulations. My thought as I completed the challenge was, “I can, but should I?” As a fairly new blogger, I wanted to see whether or not I could do it. And I did! And I met new bloggers on WordPress and other sites, so that was good.

    But I also shared things that I wouldn’t have if I weren’t trying to post everyday (like a picture of a painting on my dining room wall). Next November, instead of taking the challenge to post every day, I might challenge myself to visit a new blog every day.

    I like your idea of monthly challenges. I’m thinking I should challenge myself to go to the gym every day this month – so I can eat as many Christmas cookies and my Christmas-cookie-loving heart desires.


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