Thankful Thursday

I would like to make this a regular thing and I just realized today is Thursday (it’s been a crazy week with cancellations, snow days, reschedules that were then cancelled), so two posts today.

Off the top of my head, today I am thankful for:

  1. Snowplows, snow shovels, and men/boys to utilize them! Also that as much snow as we have, that we have nowhere near the amount some places in New York have received this week. My heart and prayers go out to the families of the people who were lost in that sudden mess.
  2. The fact that when my husband was being kind and plowing someone’s driveway (for free on a regular basis) an hour ago, they weren’t upset when he accidentally banged his side mirror against theirs and broke their glass. Unfortunately, his truck has those fancy very expensive telescoping mirrors and while his glass didn’t break (that would’ve been the cheap fix!), the arm did and now it’s hanging down the side of the truck by the wires. Sooooo, I’m thankful it was the passenger side and not the driver’s side while we figure out how to pay for that unexpected expense that just occurred.
  3. Yarn. All the yummy yarn. Every year once serious snow hits I suddenly want to make ALL the projects. I’ve decided to make a few cowls/snoods/neck warmers for Christmas gifts and maybe try to sell a few too.
  4. My sister. There’s nobody in life quite like a sister. We have known each other longest, irritated each other longest, loved each other longest, cheered each other on longest, and been there for each other through it all, the good, the bad, the ugly, and the downright devastating. There is no other relationship in my life quite like it, and I would not trade the one I was blessed with for anything. She’s beautiful and she rocks.
  5. My Baby Girl comes home tomorrow!!! Squee! (Yeah, I went there.) I am so excited to see her and hug her and hang out with her and cook with her and shop with her and … you get the idea. I. CAN’T. WAIT. I’m now crossing fingers and toes that the weather is decent, the snow stops, and the bridge is safe for crossing.

A Book or No Book? That is the Question

Do I have a book in me?

This is actually a question I’ve been pondering for a while now. I had a dream several months ago about being in a bookstore when a book caught my eye. I picked it up and saw, to my utter astonishment, that the author was yours truly. The idea of the book certainly appealed to me. It was a bit of a variation on a theme, taking, in part, something I have been doing for the last few years as a result of blogging and putting it into book form.

The dream surprised me. It caught me off guard, as I had thought about writing a book for years, but nothing had really solidified in my head as to what direction that would go or what that book may look like, other than it would be nonfiction. The dream was fairly clear in that regard.

As a result, I have been jotting down notes and ideas for the past few months. I ran the idea past an online writer friend, another friend who professes to love my writing, and my adult daughter, whose opinion I value highly. I expected three very different people/personalities to yield three very different opinions.

Instead, each of them told me it was “perfect for me,” that it’s basically what I have been doing all along, and that it’s something they would read. So.

I may have a book in me. It remains to be seen.

Even if I do, no one may have any interest in it beyond the people in my immediate sphere. I am sure that there are tens of thousands of aspiring writers who write far better than I and whose works are never published. For me, it would be far less about being published, and far more about the actual writing of it and the satisfaction of having accomplished it.

The more I have sat with the idea for a while and let it rattle around in my brain a bit to see how it feels (keeping the details of that particular dream largely private for now), the more I have thought that it is something I would like to do. The conclusion I have reached is that if no one but my children were to ever read it, it may be worthwhile just for them to have for their journey down the road of life.

Thus, with a second snow day this week today and what may shape up to be a very long winter indeed, after the holidays I may have some long cold days to cozy up with my notebooks and pens or my laptop and attempt to begin the process of getting the ideas out of my head and into written form.

We shall see.