#MicroblogMondays – How About NO?


This was the view from my front door this morning. It’s been s@#*ing (I consider it a 4-letter word of the foulest language before mid December) on and off since Friday, so the world was already white, but today it began in earnest. It’s been a heavy, wet snow that is supposed to turn to rain tonight and then freeze. I’m hoping it doesn’t.

This is more like January weather and we’re not ready, mentally, emotionally, or physically. We’re still trying to accomplish outdoor tasks that must be done to prepare for winter weather that we couldn’t get to with football every Saturday in September and October.

So while it may be pretty (says the people who don’t have to drive in it!), it is much too soon, especially since it felt like summer never really arrived and fall weather in August. You’ll hear me mention it again – more than once. When we have 6 months of winter with no breaks in the dark, gray, and dreary days, I might whine about it a little. But I try to balance it – so the upside is cozy blankets, a mug of tea, curling up with a good book. Just not yet!

5 thoughts on “#MicroblogMondays – How About NO?

  1. Ugh, you have white fluffy stuff already? We may have some this week but I doubt it will last… well hope it won’t, we are still raking leaves… We had winter start in the first week of November before, it was a very long winter. I would like to try summer year round one year, just to see what it is like. I wonder where the applications are for that to happen.


  2. Tea is the only good part of the snow. You must have tea if you’re going to have snow.

    I’m sort of dumbfounded that places are already getting snow. It’s cold here, but not snow-cold.


    • We’re supposed to have a few inches by tomorrow and hazardous driving in the morning. Up in the U.P., where my daughter is, the plow trucks have already been out. They are supposed to have over 2 feet by the end of the week. Ack! There have been Novembers where we have had several feet by Thanksgiving and the kids have been out building snowmen and snowmobiling over break. It makes for a VERY long winter when it starts this early.

      I am stocked up on tea. 🙂


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