Worlds within Worlds

A conversation the other day got me thinking again about how they say we are very alone in our own human experience, that we can never truly know how another person experiences life. We cannot know if we see the same colors, experience taste the same, or touch, etc.

It’s entirely possible we could sit side by side and experience the exact same sunset and see a different color spectrum. We could sit side by side and look at the ocean and each take away something entirely different based on our unique way of experiencing the world.

Certainly I know that no one can experience my brain and no matter how hard I try to verbalize my experience, so much gets lost before I utter the first word, and I know it. It can be very frustrating to try to communicate my thoughts, knowing no one can ever truly understand them.

As far as feelings, I won’t even go there. My emotions run so deep and wide that I couldn’t even begin to find words for how I experience emotional pain or how deeply and lifelong I can love a person. The scope is too great and I don’t think there are words to explain or express those things.

I do realize that I seem to experience these things deeper than the average person, but we all experience them. That’s why in moments of deep sorrow and grief, we can find no words, there just are none, and all we can do is simply open our arms and hold each other.

So while I do understand when people say our existence is a truly lonely one because we can never truly understand another’s thoughts or how they experience the world, and that we are always alone in our existence, I also disagree.

We may never be able to actually be inside another’s heart or head and experience things from their perspective, but we can connect. We can open our hearts and minds and share and try to communicate those things. Imagine that every single person experiences the world in their own unique way.

That means there are billions of ways to experience the world, billions of worlds within the world, and we ourselves see and experience only one, our own. That means every single person you cross paths with sees and experiences things that we do not, their own unique take on the world. Every single person you meet can teach you something or show you something, if you are open to it.

Every mind and every heart alive is an entire galaxy that we cannot personally experience, but we can learn about.


The point I’m trying to make is less about picking each other’s brains – though Ido so love to do that – but more about opening our hearts and trying to connect to other souls, be it to understand each other’s joys and sorrows or simply to offer kindness or encouragement.

We may each walk our own path, but we are all on the same journey, so nobody should have to walk the road alone unless that is their desire. Your road may be technicolor or yellow or purple to you and mine may be cerulean and shades of blues and greens to me, but that doesn’t mean we can’t keep each other company on the road.

Yes, no one else can ever truly enter into our unique experience of life, our thoughts, heartaches, and joys, and sometimes that makes us feel terribly achingly alone and lonely, but I don’t think we have to feel that way.

I think if we open ourselves to others and, in doing so, allow them to open themselves to us, that friendship, love, or just simple moments of human connection with a stranger, can bridge our individual worlds, give us glimpses into each other’s galaxies and, instead of feeling alone, we get to experience worlds within worlds. How cool is that?


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