Because I Can

I saw the question the other day, “What do you do because you can?”

A few things popped into my head as I thought about this. I embarrass my kids (in a humorous manner) because I can. And because I know that they are growing so fast and things are changing so quickly, that those opportunities will become fewer and fewer.

I car dance and sing at the top of my lungs sometimes. When I’m out walking with my headphones, I often dance my way down the road here and there, just because I can. I hope that I always can, but who knows what aging will bring in a few decades, so I try not to waste those moments now, in case later on I cannot.

There is beauty everywhere and I try to notice it, to stop and soak it up whenever I can, and appreciate it, because I can. I don’t know what tomorrow will bring. I could lose my sight and be unable to see beauty again or my loved ones’ faces. I could lose my hearing and be unable to hear music or my loved ones’ voices.

Another thing I do is sending notes in the mail, giving someone a smile, offering a kind word, sending some encouragement or a hug via text, little things. Someone asked me awhile ago why I send mail to “internet people” I’ve never even met, and that is exactly how I answered, because I can.

I’ve also been asked why I am so nice to people, especially “internet people,” why I give them my time/attention, especially if I don’t get much in return. My answer has always been that, because I can.

I always tend to think of it as having choices, between being kind or unkind, between ignoring or acknowledging someone, between doing the easy thing or the right thing, between accusing and giving the benefit of the doubt. I don’t always make the best choice, but I do try. Sometimes it’s not always easy.

But sometimes it is. Sometimes it is just as easy to be kind or to stop and help someone for a minute, to offer a kind word, or to just give them a smile or a hug as it is to not, so why on earth would I not? I try to as often as I can.

Simply because I can.

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