NaBloPoMo – Challenge accepted!

November is such a quiet uneventful month around here, so why not add a daily writing commitment to my to-do list, right? Ha!

We have a crazy month ahead. My younger son just started daily basketball practice last Tuesday – after finishing football just 2 days prior on Saturday. He’ll have games at least twice a week, often requiring travel out of town an hour or more away. My older son is starting play practice for the Christmas play at church, and I have yet to work out in my head how we’ll be getting him there on nights we are out of town at basketball. My husband plans to be out of state for a week, throwing another twist into the already difficult chauffeuring mix.

Then there is a day traveling out of town to be spent at the hospital on Monday for my son’s treatment, parent/teacher conferences, a birthday party, my daughter’s birthday, Thanksgiving, my daughter coming home for break (YAY!), Christmas shopping, and on it goes. November is a crazy busy month. The only one of the year busier for us is usually December and this year with the sports commitments, I think November might actually win.

I actually had it firmly set in my brain that Monday was the start of NaBloPoMo, even though I knew today is the first of November. It just didn’t click in my brain, not even when I was thinking about the wisdom of making a posting schedule for the month. My eyes flew open at 3 a.m. this morning when my brain suddenly made the connection with the thought, “Oh, that’s today. I need to make my first post today.” Thank you, Brain – better late than never making that obvious connection. At least you didn’t wait until Sunday to let me in on that so that I would have blown it from DAY ONE.

Whose idea was it to make this a November event and not, say, February in the dead of winter when it’s too cold and snowy/icy (here anyway) to travel, there’s a lull in school sports (except Robotics!), and cozying up with a hot beverage and a blanket to write seems ideal?

(Is it just me, or does anyone else have to check and recheck the NaBloPoMo and NaNoWriMo to make sure they have it correct every time they type those? I constantly think it should be NO, not NA, because in my head it stands for November, not national, so I think I have it wrong every time. It is not made easier by the fact that in NaNoWriMo the NO still doesn’t stand for November! Sorry for the aside. I digress. A lot sometimes. It’s how my brain works. You’ll see.)

I guess if it was easy and during a slower month, it’d be less of a challenge. I try never to back down from a challenge, so I will give this my best shot. I considered NaNoWriMo for a minute, but I don’t write much fiction, and even though I have had a book idea niggling around in my brain, I don’t think I can crank out the word requirement. I am intrigued by the idea though, so maybe next year. I can’t say things will be any less crazy a year from now, but I might have a better idea what to write about to come up with 50,000 words in a month.

One of the things that excites me most about NaBloPoMo is the blogroll that provides the opportunity to discover new blogs to read and connect with more people. Connecting with people is the main reason that I started blogging and in that sense I have found it very rewarding.

I hope this is a great experience for everyone involved. Let’s do this together. You can do it! We can do it!


3 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo – Challenge accepted!

  1. OK… You are me in another place, aren’t you? You are absolutely right. We do sound similar (right down to how the brain works)! I agree it should be NoBloPoMo… however, they have these challenges every month… I tried once but the prompts just didn’t do it for me and then I got stuck in the whole “what do I do now” scenario and well, removed the badge from my site! I also tried the NaNoWriMo and yeah. No. I think I’ll continue along checking out your site. I like the way you write!

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